All brides expect that day to be unforgettable and it’s up to the beauty professional to guarantee that everything is prepared with success.

In the Brides and Glamour class we bring to the students proper tools and techniques widely used for basic notions and concept of fancy, classic and clean hairstyles. For that, we use hair curlers, hair straighteners and dryer to present techniques that will help in the durability of hairstyles designed for parties.

We’ll also discuss about hair volume styles oriented to harmonize the head shape with the face by using tufts, artistic front, accessories, and designed buns that include fundamental techniques of banana hairstyle and bouclé.

Our class will be taught on mannequins with natural hair and real models as brides.

In this course we will design hairstyles and makeup on four types of brides: a classic, a modern, a romantic and a contemporary one. To evaluate the results, all of them will be photographed live by a professional in a proper place and the students will follow the whole production process.

We will present innovation on accessories that are use worldwide.
In order to apply for this course one must have experience in hairstyles or have attended the Hairstyle Engineering class.
Carga horária: 
16 hours in 2 days.