Our institute seeks to create, develop and apply knowledge and beauty culture through educational dynamics, in order to provide professional growth for our students, acting directly into facilitating the improvement of life quality, supporting new entrepreneurs and enriching the greatness of our country.

Our mission is focused on Beauty Education and Human Evolution, as we believe that each one who shares experiences with us is a person who is looking forward to learn, produce and contribute on a new way of doing and living beauty through life.

Our values are based on practices that provide professional growth for our students/participants. Take a look at each one of them:

Continuing education

We believe that a beauty professional should be constantly improving, exchanging information, so one could continuously learn in a satisfactory way.
Thinking on each of these professionals and their specific demands, we develop a continuing studies, lectures, courses, presentations and others so that every one can interact according to their own needs, merging their backgrounds and experiences into a new way of learning. Our educators are trained to keep up with the professional progress wherever they occur: either in Brazil, United States or Europe.


It’s our commitment to develop and encourage participation of each professional that participates in our activities, providing to the fullest the resources so that everyone reaches their goals. We strongly believe in everything we present and perform by radiating energy, feelings, and perceptions.


Our moral principals include respect, loyalty, trust, professionalism and honesty, among our organization and society, acting properly in our activities and with our students.


We always use teaching methods that best suit to the learning needs of each of our students. We believe that each one of them is unique and bring with themselves different realities that need to be taken into consideration during our classes.


We think and act differently. Together, by exchanging ideas and knowledge we stimulating the participant’s creativity and we give space for everyone to develop their skills during the classes.


We focus in quality by developing classes that best suit our student’s needs. We look for quality on all of our actions, avoiding waste and respecting the world we live in.


We act with professionalism, agility and efficiency to guarantee excellence in the learning process, our services and products. We provide all the precaution need to bring confidence to our students, customers, partners and the market.


We believe that a beauty professional should always keep on getting better, learning and exchanging information in order to get a satisfactory continuing education.


Our performance in the beauty market is sustained by passion for this activity. We have a daily challenge providing the best to our participants, in a dynamically, simply and clearly way, overcoming expectation and putting dreams into actions.

Distance learning is another option to develop your professional growth.

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