In the method of crating hairstyles we join two essential concepts to a satisfactory result: inspiration and technique.

The students will travel through hairstyle history, and therefore, notice that the creation process is founded on basic knowledge, which applied to their daily activities will make spectacular creations flow.

And yet, throughout this long hard work the students won’t be just listeners, but collaborative agents. They will receive information and apply it step by step on individual dummies’ head. In additional to that, the students will develop technical skills and effects that will be practiced by reading photographs and videos.

As an example of what we develop during the classes, we can mention hair frizz made with fingers and ellipses techniques to achieve romantic results. Other important matters that we approach with our students are texture and wavy hair, which require a sequential method in preparing scheduled hairstyle.

A great variety of hairstyles will be presented during classes: classic, young, tide or semi tide, lazy, modern and reinterpretations, suitable for brides, bridesmaid or any other special occasion that demands elegance from head to toe.

The Hairstyle Engineering class allows the students to reach fullest potential of their technical skills and move forward on their professional growth.
Carga horária: 
32 hours in 4 days