The braids break the barrier of time and the comings and goings of fashion, there they are, always renewing itself and helping on providing different shapes of hairstyles.

During this module, we show young hairstyle, classic and modern ones, also loose hairdos that blend and braid together each hair strands. The focus here is to convey step by step the braiding process, so that the students notice every detail while putting on practice the techniques.

The intention is to present all kinds of twisted hair extensions and hair knots that give an ethnic touch, and therefore develop an ability with your fingers to braid hair in order to get an accurate and fast result while creating braid hairdos.

Throughout the classes, students will braid hair that at first will appear no to be proper to braiding techniques, making the dream of many customers of using an impossible hairdo come true.

Our students will learn how to elaborate hairstyles by only using their hands and appropriate products, and also principals of harmonization that will help to balance their ideas the best way to apply them.

In order to apply for this course one must have experience in hairstyles or have attended the Hairstyle Engineering class.
Carga horária: 
16 hours in 2 days.